Latest Situation in central and eastern Syria, important town of ​​al-Tayba was liberated !

Tuesday 22 August 2017 - 11:35

The village al-Tayebah, and Manshar mountain, Maqbarah mountain, al-Nuwayr mountain were liberated.

On Monday Syrian army and Resistance forces and other allies succeeded to push back ISIS from occupied regions in Homs. According to that by liberating of al-Tayebah they put a major step toward the end of ISIS control on the center of the Syria.

On the axis of Sha`ir mount, Huwaysis was liberated.Clashes in Huwaysis continue to stabilize achievements.

Liberating Huwaysis is the first step in moving towards Uqayribat. Due to the complexity of the area, it is difficult.

On the east side of the Salamiyah, clashes are taking place around Dakilah (Norther Dakila) and Jub-Dakilah (Souther Dakila). A few days ago, it was said that the Syrian army liberated Dakila, but field news signaled the continuation of the clashes.

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