Israeli Army Airstrikes On Damascus Left Three Martyrs, Wounded

Wednesday 21 February 2024 - 16:22

The Israeli regime’s fighter jets in two stages fired several missiles at targets in Syrian capital Damascus, leading to the martyrdom and injury of three people.

According to military sources, at around 09:40 local time on Wednesday, the Israeli regime targeted a residential building in the Kafar Souseh neighborhood of Damascus with an air strike from the occupied Golan Heights.

This attack resulted in the martyrdom of two people, the injury of another, and material damage.

Minutes after the air strike, news sources reported the martyrdom of some Iranian advisors in Kafar Souseh, but as of the time of publication this news story, the martyrdom of Iranian advisors in this attack has not been confirmed.

Hours after the attack on Kafar Souseh, the Al-Dimas area of Damascus was also targeted by the Israeli regime’s army. It is said that a missile strike hit this area and several other missiles were tracked and destroyed by Syrian army air defense systems.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli regime’s fighter jets had also attacked targets on the outskirts of Damascus on February 10.

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