Rubymar Ship Sinks In Red Sea

Sunday 3 March 2024 - 07:14

The UK ship, Rubymar, completely sank after 12 days of being hit by an Ansar Allah missile in the waters off the western port of Al-Mokha, located in the southern Red Sea.

The resigned government of Yemen announced in a statement about the latest status of the Rubymar ship, stating that this UK vessel, after 12 days of being hit by Yemeni armed forces’ missile in the Gulf of Aden, came to a halt in the waters of Al-Mokha and completely sunk.

Officials of the resigned government of Yemen consider the sinking of the Rubymar ship as an environmental disaster in the territorial waters of the Arab country and the Red Sea, and have called for a meeting to investigate the next steps.

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The officials emphasized that the sinking of the UK ship was due to the lack of response from various parties to their requests to prevent the disaster, and they are currently looking into the issue and implementing the best ways to address and deal with the environmental disaster.

The US terrorist headquarters in West Asia (CENTCOM) also confirmed the complete sinking of the British ship Rubymar in a statement. According to this statement, the approximately 21,000 metric tons of ammonium phosphate sulfate fertilizer that the vessel was carrying presents an environmental risk in the Red Sea. As the ship sinks it also presents a subsurface impact risk to other ships transiting the busy shipping lanes of the waterway.

It is worth mentioning that the British maritime security firm Ambrey also reported another incident regarding the Rubymar ship that occurred on Friday, 16 miles west of Al Mokha.

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