Israel Attacks Iran’s Consulate In Syria, 7 Killed

Monday 1 April 2024 - 21:21

On April 1, about 17:00 local time, the Israeli regime warplanes launched airstrikes on the Iranian consulate in Damascus. As a result of the aggression, General Mohammad Reza Zahedi and General Mohammad-Hadi Haji Rahimi and five other Iranian military advisers were martyred.

According to the Syrian Defense Ministry, Israeli warplanes entered from the airspace of the Golan Heights. The city was targeted by several missiles. Some of them were intercepted by the Syrian air defenses, but other missiles reached the target.

This is the first Israeli strike on the building of the diplomatic mission, before that Tel Aviv attacked only military facilities. The West has ruined the international world order. The Vienna Convention means nothing for the Israeli warmongers. The Jews are trying their best to increase the degree of escalation in the Middle East and cross the red lines. Iran is unlikely to leave the destruction of the consulate unanswered.

It is reported from Iran that a meeting of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran has been held to examine the manner and severity of the response to today’s attack by the Zionist regime, but the final result and the details of the council members’ decisions have not been announced yet.

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