A Senior Member Of Hezbollah Martyred By Israeli Terrorist Attack In Soltaniyeh (Video)

Monday 8 April 2024 - 14:24

Early today, Israeli fighter jets bombarded residential areas in Soltaniyeh town in southern Lebanon with the support of reconnaissance and attack drones. As a result of this attack at least two Hezbollah members were martyred.

The Israeli army claims that in this attack it assassinated three members of Hezbollah, including “Ali Ahmed Hussein” AKA Abbas Jafar, the regional commander of Hezbollah’s Redwan forces. According to the Israeli army, Martyr Hussein was the commander of Hezbollah in the Hujayr area and was responsible for planning and executing Hezbollah’s attacks in the Ramim (Hunin) front.

The video of the Israeli army from the moment of the air strike in Soltaniyeh town

Local media video of the moment of the bombing of Soltanieh by Israeli planes
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