Hezbollah Conducts Drone, Rocket Attacks On Israeli Positions In Hanita

Saturday 13 April 2024 - 17:08

The Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah, launched two separate attacks using suicide drones, rockets, and artillery shells on Israeli army positions in the town of Hanita on April 13.

In the first attack, Hezbollah fighters targeted a building in the town of Hanita, which was used by Israeli troops, with several suicide drones (probably Ababil-2). During this attack, a number of Israeli military forces were killed and wounded.

In the second strike, Hezbollah’s drone units monitored the location of Israeli forces in the forests of Hanita and launched attacks with several rockets and artillery shells.

This is the 29th drone attack by Hezbollah on Israeli army positions in northern occupied Palestine during the recent war with the regime. In recent days, Hezbollah has increased its drone attacks in the northern front of Palestine, causing significant casualties to the Israeli regime’s military forces.

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