UAE Media Claims Imminent Agreement Between Saudi Arabia, Yemeni Ansar Allah!

Thursday 25 April 2024 - 17:47

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) newspaper Al-Arab reported on an impending agreement between Saudi Arabia and the Ansar Allah movement of Yemen.

This UAE media outlet claimed that this agreement includes the cessation of any military intervention in Yemen and the lifting of the air and sea blockade by Saudi Arabia, in exchange for Ansar Allah’s commitment to Saudi Arabia’s sovereignty and the cessation of cross-border attacks against this neighboring country.

According to this agreement, the coordination office of the Ansar Allah movement will also be opened in Riyadh, which will further pave the way for accepting the legitimacy of the Sanaa government and the dissolution of the resigned government in Yemen.

The purpose of the UAE in publishing these unofficial and perhaps false news is not clear! However, these reports will only result in provoking the forces of the resigned government against Saudi Arabia and reducing the influence of the Saudi government in Yemen.

The UAE does not have any role in the negotiations between Saudi Arabia and the Ansar Allah movement, and on the other hand, the agreement between these two parties is detrimental to the UAE’s long-term plans for the southern regions of Yemen and the islands of this country. Saudi Arabia’s reaction to these revelations could lead to further division and disagreement between them.

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