Destruction Of Israeli Iron Dome System With Iranian Ababil Drones!

Tuesday 14 May 2024 - 12:53

On May 11, The Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah, used several Ababil-2 suicide drones to attack the Beit Hillel military base and the new platforms of the Iron Dome air defense system of the Israeli army at this base.

According to field sources in southern Lebanon, the Iron Dome system and the Israeli army’s F-16 fighters were unsuccessful in intercepting Hezbollah’s Ababil-2 suicide drones, and Hezbollah’s suicide drones hit the Beit Hillel base.

In this attack, Hezbollah targeted the Iron Dome defense systems that had confronted some of Hezbollah’s rockets and drones in Hezbollah’s recent attacks on Kfar Giladi and Kiryat Shmona. However, during yesterday’s attacks, the Israeli army’s F-15 fighters also conducted aerial operations.

Hezbollah’s drone attack on the Beit Hillel base was the 41st drone attack by the Lebanese resistance against the positions of the Israeli army in the northern front of the occupied Palestine.

The moment when Ababil 2 suicide drones hit Israeli army positions in Beit Hillel base

The Beit Hilel base is the headquarters of the Eastern 769th “Hiram” Infantry Brigade of the Israeli army. Also, the mechanical engineering equipment battalion under the northern region command and the logistical center of the 51st battalion under the Golani brigade are stationed in this base. This base is also equipped with a runaway and helipad.

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