Hezbollah Drones Targets Israeli Strategic Asset In Northern Fronts

Thursday 16 May 2024 - 13:21

Hezbollah attacked Israeli army’s surveillance and intelligence systems in the Camp Naftali near the Galilee lake with several suicide drones.

On May 15, Hezbollah drones targeted the Sky Dew balloon, the large surveillance balloon in the Camp Naftali near the Galilee lake, which is of great importance for monitoring air threats in the north, especially drones.

Sky Dew or High Availability Aerostat System (HAAS), is a high altitude missile defense aerostat used by Israel Defence Forces since 2022. The radar system was developed by Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) and the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA). It is a tethered blimp, developed by the US TCOM company. The system is deployed in the north of Israel, a similar balloon is already used in the south.

On February 29, 2024, Israel’s war minister visited the launch site of large spy balloons in northern occupied Palestine (image) and threatened Syria and Lebanon, saying: “Nasrallah’s equations are messed up.”

But now, the exact same spot and the same spy-intelligence facility has been targeted.

The regime’s war minister’s threats were not just playing with words or psychological warfare, but also showed Israel’s deterrent power against the attacks of Lebanon’s Hezbollah in the past years and months. But the drone attack on the spy balloon facility west of Tiberias neutralized “Israel’s deterrence” and proved that Hezbollah has weapons that can break through Israel’s defense layers and hit their strategic assets even at a depth of 40 kilometers.

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