Leader Of Ansar Allah: “Our Actions Against Israel Are A Humane And Moral Action To Stop The Crimes In The Gaza Strip”

Friday 17 May 2024 - 08:44

Seyyed Abdul Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, the leader of the Ansar Allah movement and the Yemeni revolution, in today’s speech about the latest developments in the region, clarified the dimensions of the enemy’s propaganda against the resistance and considered the recent actions of Iran and the members of the resistance axis based on religious, human and moral values.

The important parts of today’s speech by the leader of the Ansar Allah movement about the latest developments in the region are as follow:

➖ During the occupation of Palestine, Western countries not only did not stand up against the brutal and horrible crimes of the Zionists, but also supported the Zionists.

➖ Accepting the membership of an occupation regime like Israel, whose existence is based on cruelty and crime, is shameful for the United Nations.

➖ Arab negligence caused the enemy to occupy Quds and the rest of Palestine. During the occupation of Palestine, contrary to today’s enemy propaganda, there was no “Iranian” label (influence), and Tehran’s government (before the 1979 revolution) had no differences with the US. The enemy tries to advertise the problem as an Iranian issue, which is superficiality, deception and naivety.

➖ Showing the Arabs and Israel’s problem as unimportant is stupidity and mockery of people. The Arabs have a responsibility to confront Israel.

➖ The action of Iran and any other Islamic country in supporting Palestine is based on religious values.

➖ The US and Europeans are greedy for the wealth and colonization of our country.

➖ We hope that as long as the war against Gaza continues, student protests in America and the West will continue during the summer holidays.

➖ It was the US that drew the plan, method and manner of Israel’s land invasion of Rafah.

➖ The resistance of the mujahideen of different Palestinian groups, led by the Qassam and Quds Briagdes, defeated the Israeli enemy.

➖ The return of the war in Jabalia and Al-Zaytoun shows that the enemy has been defeated. In some areas, there has been a war for the fifth time, and each time Israel declares that it has won! The longer the war lasts, the heavier the enemy’s defeat.

➖ On the front of Yemen and the battle of the promised victory and holy jihad, 40 operations with 211 missiles have been carried out against the Zionist enemy. In this week, seven operations were carried out with 13 ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and drones in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

➖ The Americans, the British and the Israelis are looking to change the course in the Indian Ocean to the east, and this entails more costs for them.

➖ Companies that transport goods to Israel will be targeted at any point within reach of the Yemeni army. Some countries and companies had a positive understanding of the situation and stopped shipping to Israel from this route. I hope that China, Russia and some other countries will understand this situation and stop shipping to Israel. It is in everyone’s interest to stop shipping goods to Israel from any direction, even the Mediterranean Sea.

➖ Our action to put pressure on Israel is humane and moral and to stop the crimes and genocide against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

➖ Enemies are creating defense belts to protect themselves and their ships in the Mediterranean Sea. As they failed in the previous operation phase, God willing, they will also fail in the fourth phase of intensifying the operation.

➖ God willing, the Iraqi brothers will join us in the fourth stage. We spare no efforts to strengthen the fourth stage of escalation.

➖ The amount of enemy media attacks on the Yemen front is more than any other front.

➖ The enemy’s focus on internal disputes and turning it into the biggest problem of the 21st century is to divert the minds of the Yemeni people from the Gaza issue. I ask the dear people to hold a march in Sana’a and other provinces tomorrow, God willing.

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