Israel’s Listing On UN Blacklist: A Victory For Justice, Accountability In Palestine

Saturday 8 June 2024 - 18:59

A recent decision by Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, to include the Israeli regime in the blacklist of states and regimes that harm children in conflict zones has been hailed as a crucial step towards accountability and justice for the oppressed Palestinian population.

The Palestinians Authority (PA) has described the United Nations’ decision to place the Israeli regime on the blacklist for harming children as a proper measure to make the regime accountable.

This move has shed light on the plight of Palestinian children who have long suffered the brunt of Israeli aggression and violations of their basic rights.

The confirmation from the representative of the Israeli regime at the United Nations regarding Guterres’ decision has sparked a wave of condemnation from Israeli officials, underscoring the sensitivity and significance of this development.

The criticism levied by the Israeli representative, in response to the listing, reflects a desperate attempt to deflect attention from the atrocities committed by the Israeli regime, particularly during the Gaza war, where innocent Palestinian children bore the heaviest burden of violence and displacement.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s dismissal of the UN’s decision and his claim of the Israeli army’s ethical standards only serve to perpetuate the narrative of impunity and disregard for Palestinian lives that has characterized Israel’s actions in the region.

Netanyahu said: “It is the United Nations that is on the blacklist. When the UN joined Hamas supporters, it was placed on the blacklist; the Israeli army is the most ethical army in the world, and no ridiculous decision by the United Nations will change this reality.”

Netanyahu’s rhetoric fails to acknowledge the systemic injustices and human rights violations that Palestinians have endured for decades at the hands of the Israeli military.

For Palestinians and advocates of justice worldwide, Israel’s inclusion in the UN blacklist symbolizes a glimmer of hope for accountability and a recognition of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Palestine.

The international community must stand firm in holding Israel accountable for its actions and ensuring that the rights of Palestinian children and civilians are safeguarded against further violations and atrocities.

As the voices of the Palestinian people grow louder in their quest for freedom and justice, the listing of Israel on the UN blacklist serves as a reminder of the urgent need for solidarity and action to end the cycle of oppression and violence in Palestine.

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