Israel Admits To Loss Of 4 Troopers In South Gaza

Wednesday 12 June 2024 - 13:12

The Israeli regime’s army confirmed the loss of four troops during a recent operation in southern Gaza.

The fallen troopers, identified as lieutenant Tal Shabilsuki Shaulov, sergeant Eitan Karlsbrown, sergeant Almog Shalom, and sergeant Ya’ir Lewin, were reportedly ambushed by the Izz ad-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas movement, in Rafah city.

In addition to the four casualties, the Israeli army announced that five other troops were seriously injured during the same ambush. This incident underscores the power of the Palestinian resistance fighters in the face of the Israeli regime’s military personnel on the frontlines, as conflicts continue to escalate in the besieged strip.

The death toll on the Israeli side has now risen to 299 since the commencement of the ground assault on the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, the total number of military casualties, as claimed by the Israeli regime, has reached 650 since the start of the genocidal war on Gaza.

An Israeli reporter has raised concerns about discrepancies in the reported numbers of Israeli troopers killed in the Gaza conflict, suggesting that the actual death toll may be significantly higher than officially stated.

Ariel Shimon questions why the government is not transparent about the exact figures of casualties since the ground attacks, as well as the losses in equipment and machinery in the Gaza Strip.

According to Shimon, thousands of soldiers have been affected, with at least 3,700 facing permanent disabilities, and he claims that the true number of soldiers and officers who have died is more than 3,850.

These statistics highlight the cost of armed conflicts and serve as a reminder of the toll that is inflicted upon the invader during an unparalleled conflict.

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