Hezbollah Conducts Drone-Rocket Operation Against Israeli Positions

Friday 14 June 2024 - 07:58

In response to the Israeli regime’s terrorist attack in the village of Jwaya, the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah launched a targeted operation against various military positions and bases of the Israeli army in the occupied territories of Palestine.

Using different rockets, including those aimed at Al-Zaourah shelter, Kafr Kila garrison, Yoav garrison, Katsafiya base (Katzrin), Nafah base (Nafakh), and the Al-Sahl unit in Beit Hillel, Hezbollah sought to inflict significant damage on Israeli military installations.

Furthermore, Hezbollah employed precise attacks using suicide drones on strategic locations such as the Dadu base (northern region command headquarters), Mishar base (main intelligence headquarters in the northern region responsible for assassinations), and Katsafiya garrison (headquarters of the 7th armored brigade under the 210th Golan Division or Bashan).

This operation stands as the largest Hezbollah assault on Israeli army positions since the onset of the Palestinian war. Additionally, it marks the 66th drone operation conducted by Hezbollah against the Israeli military.

The mission was declared by Hezbollah as a response to the assassination of senior commander Taleb Abdullah, known as Abu Taleb, in an Israeli air raid in the southern Lebanese village of Jwaya. The retaliatory strike aimed to establish deterrence following Abdullah’s killing.

Hezbollah reportedly utilized around 200 rockets and 30 explosive drones to target 15 Israeli positions, including some in the occupied Golan Heights. Israeli media reported casualties and fires caused by the Hezbollah rockets.

The areas that were targeted by Hezbollah rocket and drone attacks

In their official statement, Hezbollah expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza, emphasizing their support for the Palestinian resistance. Additionally, the group noted that one of the Israeli units targeted was involved in planning assassinations, further justifying their decisive response.

On October 8, 2023, Hezbollah initiated strikes on military installations in northern Israeli-occupied territories following the commencement of the onslaught in Gaza with the aim of engaging the regime’s forces in northern front and reducing their focus on Gaza.

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