Latest Updates on Afghanistan in the Last Week; 9 November 2018

Friday 9 November 2018 - 22:21

Latest updates on Taliban attacks to Sarpol, Ghazni, Urzagan and Farah and situation of battlefields

1. Farah:

The security state of Farah province is reported to be bad and after fall of Afghan helicopter transporting officials and death of government officials, there were severe engagements in this province. In one of them with highest casualties, 50 police in Posht Kouh region were martyred. Also a large number of police forces are missing. Therefore, fall of many regions in Farah province is very likely.


2. Sarpol:

In different battles in Sangcharak region of Sarpol province, some regions fell to Taliban. This region was considered a safe one but Taliban infiltration and starting severe engagements shows Taliban’s determination to occupy most of northern part of Afghanistan.


3. Urzagan:

Severe attack of Taliban to Shiite regions and Hazarah people in Urzagan province with world’s silence is continuing. Khas Urzagan region in which Taliban killed 48 defenseless civilians, Ashraf Ghani government, who is accused of supporting Taliban, is still hesitating to send reinforcement and civilians using only light weapons trying to stop Taliban.


4. Ghazni:

Security crisis in Ghazni has been worsened while Taliban attacked Shiite region of Jaghuri widely unprecedented. This region was one of the safest regions in the last 17 years and is heart of science and art.
According to latest reports, engagements are continuing and no significant reinforcement form government and civilians using light weapons could defend Taliban two attacks and kill 39 Taliban forces in Jaghuri. Most of Taliban forces fighting in this region are reported to be Pashtoon and Pakistani.
Khugiyani region adjacent to Ghazni has fallen to Taliban.

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