Afghanistan Evolutions in the Last Week; 16 November 2018

1. Farah:
Last Wednesday (14 November) Taliban attacked cities BalaBluk, Poshte Roud and Poshte Kouh.

According to Farah provincial parliament members, due to the engagements more than 40 security forces were martyred and 60 others joined Taliban since there was not reinforcement.


2. Ghazni:
Cities Jaghuri and Malestan are under control of Afghani security forces. Engagements at the border of Jaghuri and Gilan. Taliban forced people’s troops to retreat back and occupied Hotqol.


3. Kabul:
Due to engagement in Kabul university dormitory, one was killed and eight injured. Afghani Education Minister said it started from a line to receive bread and then became a fight between two groups of Hazarah and Pashtoon.


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