Latest Updates on Afghanistan 21 November 2018; NATO Commander Visiting Ghazni

Explosion in Uranus hotel in Kabul located on Aerial Square street during the Holy Prophet birthday celebration resulted in 50 kills and 88 wounded.
According to local sources, Mulla Abdul Salam Dhae’if, a high rank official of Taliban was killed in Uranus hotel bomb explosion.

Mulla Abdul Salam Dhae’if an official of Taliban and ambassador of Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan in Pakistan.
It was rumored he departed from Taliban and joined Afghanistan government but always supported Taliban stands.


Two rockets were fired on Ghazni city on Wednesday during a visit by the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan.
Ghazni local sources reported that U.S. Army Gen. Scott Miller visited Ghazni province.
He visited Ghazni to inspect the security situation and met governor Vahid Allah Klimzi as well.

No more information was released.
During this visit Taliban fired two rockets to Ghazni.


Kabul-Gardez highway was blocked by protestors; they claim that Airforce killed eight civilians in a airstrike.


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