Latest Updates on Afghanistan 25 November 2018; A Popular People’s Leader Arrested by Government

1. Mysterious arrest of commander Alipour “Know as Sword”, popular people’s commander

Commander Alipour “Know as Sword” a people’s commander of Moghawemat and from Hazarah (Afghan Shia) was arrester by National Security forces in Kabul. He came to Kabul for a funeral and was arrested today morning.

His arrest sparked a wave of protest in different parts of Afghanistan such as Kabul, Herat province and Bamiyan. It is said that in October security forces went to Ghor province to arrest him but inhabitants prevent it.


Alipour is a famous anti-Taliban commander who is in charge of Shias safety from Behsud to Bamiyan. He was an influential person in defense against Taliban in their attack to Shiite district Jaghuri in Ghazni province.


A source and Alipour’s close relatives said that he was first arrested by American forces and then given to National Security of Afghanistan.
Mohammad Mohaqqeq, a Hazareh Shiite leader, who is in Tehran for “International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran”, demanded Alipour freedom ASAP and added: “Alipour’s arrest is claiming war against people.”


2. Qunduz:
Afghan National Army started an operation in Dashte Archi in Qunduz province against Taliban from four days ago. According to the Army information, more than 40 Tailbans have been killed in this region.


3. Farah:
General Scott Miller, NATO commander in Afghanistan visited Farah province.


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