Latest Updates on Afghanistan 12th December 2018

Thursday 13 December 2018 - 16:49

Taliban numerous attacks to Herat-Khaf railroad; severe condition of Pashtun Kut, Faryab province; Afghani Airforce first independent night operation

1. Paktika:
According to Afghani Ministry of State, Taliban governor in Paktika province “Pir Agha” with four other members were killed in a special operation by security forces in Gumel city.

During the last week four Taliban governors were killed in Afghanistan.


2. Badghis:
According to AbdulAziz Beig, head of provincial council, 11 local police were martyred in Taliban attack.


3. Herat:
On Sunday, due to armed troop attack to Herat-Khaf railroad security outpost in Saghar village in Ghuriyan district, eight security forces are martyred and two others are injured.
Last night in another Taliban attack to Herat-Khaf railroad security outpost in Cheshmeh Dam village in Ghuriyan district, five security forces are martyred and four others injured and 23 are captured.

This is the second time outposts in Herat-Khaf railroad are being attacked.
Herat-Khaf railroad is an important project which was established for connection between Iran and Afghanistan. Ghuriyan is one of the least secure district in Herat province.


4. Kabul
On Tuesday morning, military convoy in Paghman district, Kabul province was hit by suicide attack.

According to eyewitness it was a bike.

Zabihullah Mujahed Taliban spokesperson took responsibility in a statement. According to official sources four killed and six injured.


5. Helmand:
Afghani Army could claim Babaji region in fourth zone of Lashgargah in Helmand province from Taliban.

The operation started eight months ago.


6. Uruzgan:
The first independent night operation was performed by Afghani Airforce using A-29 light fighters in Urozgan province, Airforce spokesperson said.


7. Ghazni:
According to Hassan Reza Yusefi, a member of Ghazni provincial council, due to fall of many outposts in Ghazni province, most of the roads are controlled by Taliban.

Taliban erected some outposts on busy points and extorts from people.


8. Faryab:
Sar Houdh region of Pashtun Kut district in Faryab province is under siege for a month by Taliban and the roads leading to the area are blocked.

Afghani Army evacuated some troops using helicopter from the region today.
It is said that the problem of Pashtun Kut is beyond just Taliban attacking and includes tribal and party issues.
In despite of numerous operations by the Army in this province, it is still one of insecure provinces.

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