Details of the last night Israeli missiles strike on Damascus; a number of missiles hit the target.

Wednesday 26 December 2018 - 16:52

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Last night, the Israeli regime once again violated the international law and in a new round of aggressions, has launched massive missile strikes against the capital of Syria.

Last night, while Damascus was celebrating New Year’s Eve as well as many other areas, it was attacked by the Zionist regime; in fact, Israel used the chaos of this night to attack Syria.


According to available information, Israeli attack last night was carried out in four phases and it was one of the most complex Israeli missile strikes in Syria.

Israel launched 55 missiles on positions, in different areas of Damascus.

Some of these missiles, such as Delilah cruise missiles and GBU-39 SDB, were fired by Israeli warplanes from the Lebanese sky. Last night, before the Israeli attacks, the flight of Israeli warplanes was seen at a very low altitude in Lebanon.

A number of other missiles were surface-to-surface.


The official Syrian or Israeli media did not provided an accurate details about the attack, but the SANA Syrian News Agency said most of the missiles were intercepted and destroyed before reaching the targets. Also, one of the attacks hit the Syrian army ammunition warehouse (most likely in Qatna) and three Syrian soldiers have been injured in the incident.


The fact that a number of missiles hit the targets, can be fully verified; last night our field sources in Ghouta also reported the heavy quakes due to missiles hit.

What we can say is that seven Israeli missiles hit the targets at different locations and this, regarding to 55 Israeli-launched missiles, is another achievement for Syrian Air Defense Force in intercepting and destroying targets with older, but updated Syrian air defense systems.


The interesting point is that the last night, Syrian air defense did not use its S-300 systems, and this issue raised many questions … This is while the deployment of the S-300 systems and training Syrians to use this system has finished.


Some Israeli media also announced that the attacks targeted a meeting of Hezbollah commanders in Damascus, which is denied by us.


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