Continuation of Engagement in Northwest of Syria; Tahrir Al Sham Occupying Turkish Observation Post in Sher Maghar

Thursday 3 January 19 - 18:24

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Severe engagements between Tahrir Al Sham and Nour al-Din al-Zenki has spread to all western Aleppo, east and south of Idlib.

During recent days, engagements between Tahrir Al Sham and National Front for Liberation(NFL) in northwest of Syria have intensified.

After capturing Sheikh Barakat mount by Tahrir Al Sham, latest updates show that important town of Darat Izzah was occupied by Tahrir Al Sham, too.

Local sources telling occupation of more than ten villages and areas by Tahrir Al Sham.


Today “Syrian Islamic Council”, which locates in Turkey, demanded all groups of Free Army to gather their forces and fight against Tahrir Al Sham, in a statement; while Tahrir Al Sham in a statement said that their fight is only against Nour al-Din al-Zenki militants and demanded other militants to stay neutral.

It was also claimed that Ahrar Al Sham activities to Saraqib were neutralized.


After Tahrir Al Sham entering, the engagements are at a new level and heavy battle is going on in Zawiyah mountain.


Tahrir Al Sham also captured Meydan Ghazal and Sher Maghar which is a Turkish observation post in north of Hamah.

Sheikh Barakat in west of Darat Izzah also was another Turkish observation post which was captured by Tahrir Al Sham.


Capturing Turkish observation posts by Tahrir Al Sham is an important issue in de-escalation zone agreement and implies disability of Turkey guarantee about implementation of the agreement. This can change the fate of northwest of Syria entirely…


More than 100 militants have been killed in engagements so far.


Image showing Tahrir Al Sham militants selfie en route to Qabtan and Anjarah.

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