Tahrir Al Sham and NFL Agreement; Ahrar Al Sham Returns to North of Hama

Sunday 20 January 2019 - 18:32

Islamic World News Analysis Group: An agreement between Tahrir Al Sham and National Front for Liberation enables Ahrar Al Sham to return to Ghab plain.

According to some opposition’s sources, in addition to Ahrar Al Sham returning to Ghab plain and frontline with Syrian Army, Ahrar Al Sham will be present in HTS commanding room as well.


Recently after Ahrar Al Sham was defeated by Tahrir Al Sham in Ghab plain and Jabal Shahshabo area, Ahrar Al Sham militants submitting their heavy and mediocre weapons retreated to Afrin area.


If the news of agreement is true, it implies Tahrir Al Sham is intimidated by Syrian Army in north of Hama and frontline being empty of Ahrar Al Sham militants would cause trouble for HTS.
Syrian Army transported more troops and equipment to north of Hama recently and their famous general, Suheil Hassan visited the frontline as well.


Ahrar Al Sham Surrender to Tahrir Al Sham in Ghab Plain and Southern Idlib

Tahrir Al Sham Advances in Southern Idlib

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