Israel’s Unsuccessful Missile Attack to Damascus

Monday 21 January 2019 - 07:21

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On 20 January afternoon Israeli warplanes fired several missiles toward Damascus airport but all of them were intercepted and destroyed by Syrian air defence system.

According to information, Israeli fighters fired from occupied Golan air space which were detected, tracked and destroyed from early stages due to high jamming of the area.


An interesting fact is the coincidence of the attack with “Mahan Air” aircraft approaching the airport.

It is said due to high ECM of the area Mahan Air airplane could not contact the airport hence returned back to Iran.


– Was Israeli attack meant to prevent Mahan Air plane from landing in Damascus airport?
It seems to protect Iranian personnel in south of Syria there is a need for better air defence systems…


An hour later, IDF proclaimed intercepting a missile by Iron Dome air defence system which was fired from Syria.


It is noteworthy that in Israeli latest attack to Damascus airport, two ammunition warehouses were hit in Damascus international airport and near Jadidat Artuz.


Return of the Mahan Air to Iran


Satellite Images of Israeli Warplanes Strikes on a Warehouse in Damascus Airport

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