Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 30 March 2019

Sunday 31 March 2019 - 21:27

Latest news from Afghanistan frontlines

1. Ghazni:
– Martyrdom of third security zone commander and eight other and injury of six security forces in a Taliban attack to Ghazni watch posts.


2. Badakhshan:
– Fall of Arghanj Khah city after a day of heavy engagement between Taliban and security forces.

14 security forces martyred and 10 wounded.


3. Helmand:
Local officials in Helmand province reported 65 security forces have martyred in recent engagements with Taliban.


4. Farah:
Taliban is getting closer to Qaysar.

Hundreds of families are fleeing to Maymana(capital of Farah).


5. Zabul:
Taliban reported to occupy Siwari.


6. Afghanistan government:
Due to recent floods in north and west of Afghanistan more than 340 killed or injured.

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