Latest Updates on Afghanistan and Kashmir, 2 April 2019; Reclaiming Arghanj Khwa from Taliban

Wednesday, 3 April 2019 - 19:24

Latest news from Afghanistan frontlines and Kashmir

1. Sare Pol:
– Taliban attacked two of Afghanistan Army watch posts in Sozma Qala district. Due to the attack, 5 soldiers martyred, six captured and three injured.


2. Farah:
– According to Farah Police Spokesperson during the recent year about 450 of security forces are killed and injured and more than 1450 of Taliban members are also killed and injured.


3. Balkh:
– Due to Taliban’s attack to security watch posts in Sholgara, eight security forces are martyred and five injured.


4. Badakhshan:
– Reclaiming Arghanj Khwa by security forces; 14 Taliban members are killed.


5. Kashmir:
According to Indian media, due to “Hizb al Mujahidin” and “Tayybah Army” attacking the indian army and police convoy in Pulwama region, south of Kashmir (under control by India), four of attackers are killed and four Indian soldiers are injured.

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