Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 10 April 2019

Thursday, 11 April 2019 - 06:32

Taliban’s suicide attack against US forces; Heavy engagements in several fronts

1. Jowzjan:
In the engagement between Taliban and security forces in Feidh Abad and Qolandi 8 security forces martyred and 5 injured.
According to Jowzjan local officials, 60% of the province is occupied by Taliban.


2. Parwan:
Due to a Taliban’s suicide attack to Barik Ab area near Bagram base, 4 American soldiers are killed and 3 wounded.


3. Badghis:
– Engagements in Bala Murghab; Defense Ministry reported most part of the city are under control and 11 members of Taliban are killed and 65 wounded.


4. Ghazni:
Taliban and security forces engagement in Khaja Omari.
Security forces controlling the roads preparing the operation of reclaiming Khaja Omari.

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