End of ISIS in Philippine

Sunday, 10 September 2017 - 12:20

Exhausted in Marawi, ISIS is approaching his last presence in Philippine.

According to spokesman of Philippine army in Marawi, ISIS forces now control an area of 200 square meters and the army will terminate ISIS presence in the country soon.
Moreover, according to South Front News Agency, reported from France Press, 653 ISIS forces and 145 of Philippine militants were killed during clashes yet.
These years ISIS influences around the world have been a criterion for efficiency of military and security forces.
Regarding the process of suppressing ISIS forces in Philippine (costs, casualties and so on), their presence in the country reveals hidden protection of western intelligent services from terrorism. In addition, it points to another part of the power of Islamic resistance axis and shows that it has the potential of liberating not only a small town like Marawi from terrorism, but also the west Asia and even all the world.

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