Latest News from Afghanistan; September 11th; losing Ghalamin in Ghor Province; BargMetal in Nurestan Province is about to be conquered by Taliban

Monday, 11 September 2017 - 11:48

According to the news and analytics outlet of Islamic World News, new phase of Taliban attacks is approaching; while some local sources report agreements between ISIS and Taliban in the attacks. This contradicts the fact that ISIS and Taliban are fighting in Jozjan province.

According to local sources, the Taliban has seized the Gholmin area from government forces in Afghainstan’s Ghor province.The Gholmin area is located north of Firuzkoh city (called Chaghcharan until 2014) which is the provincial capital of the province.

According to the province’s local authorities security forces in the area retreated without fighting.Some sources even speculated that ISIS members supported the Taliban attack in Gholmin. At the same time, clashes were reported between the Taliban and ISIS in Jawzjan province. So, if the reports were true, it was a tactical cooperation.

Ghor province is one of the areas that witnessed clashes between Afghan security forces and the Taliban over the last few months.

Searately, the Taliban carried out attacks on Bergmetal city in Nuristan province in eastern Afghanistan. Local authorities requested more government troops troops and airstrikes on the Taliban to prevent the city from falling into the hads of the movement.

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