Saudi Security Forces Arrest Opposition Clerics

Thursday, 14 September 2017 - 13:49

The diplomatic standoff between Saudi Arabia and Qatar has led to a rift between Wahhabi clerics. Saudi security forces have used this opportunity to remove some government opponents.

In the recent days, the Saudi government have arrested Salman al-Ouda (customary marriage fatwa and claim of a meeting with one of the God’s angels, Gabriel), Awad al-Qarni and Ali al-Amri. They were criticizing the Saudi government and supporting Qatar.

Saudi security forces have also arrested a number of Saudi clerics, including Mohammad al-Khodayari, Mohammad al-Habdan, Ibrahim al-Harthi, Yusouf al-Ahmad, Ibrahim al-Nasser, Ibrahim al-Fares and Gorom al-beshe.

Hasan Farhan Maliki (cleric from Jizan city and opponent of Wahhabism and Saudi government policies) and the media activist Fahad al-sunaidy were also among the detained people.

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