Latest Military Situation in Northwest of Hama 22 May 2019; SAA Retreated from Kafr Nabuda

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 - 23:18

ISWNews Analysis Group: Tahrir al Sham terrorists and allies could recapture Kafr Nabuda town entirely after 24 hours of battle.

Terrorists alongside other militants specifically foreign mercenaries conducted several attacks from different axes against Syrian Army’s positions in Kafr Nabuda.
Eventually, in despite of heavy bombing by Syrian and Russian warplanes against Tahrir al Sham terrorists and repelling several waves of attacks, militants could defeat the first defense line and capture eastern part of the town. They continue the battle inside the town and from today afternoon Syrian Army retreated from western part of the town and militants took complete control over the town.
At the moment, Syrian Army retreated to regions around the town such as Tal Hawash and Mughayr and Russian fighters and Syrian artillery are attacking the town severely.
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