Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 27 May 2019

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 - 09:33

Latest news from Afghanistan fronts

1. Qonduz:
Due to Taliban attack to two Zakhil watch posts in Qonduz and Seh Chenar watch post in Chahar Darreh, 3 security forces are killed and 6 injured. Attacks were repelled by security forces, eventually.
2. Daykundi:
Ashtaran watch post fall by Taliban, Kajran town.
Due to engagements in the region, security forces attacked Manarah, in which more than 13 Taliban forces were killed.
3. Takhar:
Security forces watch post fall in Deh Bala region, Namak Ab district by Taliban.
4. Nangarhar:
Due to error in airstrikes by Afghan Airforce, 6 civilians were killed in Shirzad district. Targets were Taliban’s locations; during attacking them, a civilian vehicle was hit by mistake.
5. Ghazni:
– Deh Yek town was liberated by security and local forces from Taliban after two years.
– Engagement in Andar district is continuing and security forces reclaimed villages Sultan Bagh, Mazdura and Mangi from Taliban.
6. Sare Pol:
Taliban engagement with security forces in Qashqari regions, Takhtah watch post and Suzme Qalaah town resulted in death of 15 Taliban and injury of 20 and martyrdom of 12 security forces and injury of 22
7. Farah:
According to local sources, Taliban has full control over districts of Khak Sefid, Poshte Kouh, Bakwah and Golestan and has activities or partial control near towns Anar Darreh, Lash Jowin and Parchman.

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