Turkish Observation Post In Northwestern Hama Was Shelled Once Again

Saturday, 1 June 2019 - 00:42

Today, after the militant’s attacks on the positions of the Syrian Army in Al-Huwayz and around the Kirkat, the exchange of fire between the two sides increased and Turkey’s observation post in Sher Mughar was also hit.

It was the second time that this observation post is being hit this month.
It is said that Syrian Army has targeted the watch post but no evidence was proposed and Turkish Army has been silent regarding it. We also do not know if any Turkish soldier was hit or no.
Last week Turkish Army stated that in despite of Syrian Army’s advances in northwest of Hama, it won’t retreat from its observation post in the area and actually sends more troops and equipment.

It seems Turkey’s stubbornness and pertinacity in Sher Mughar made a hole in Syrian Army’s decisive advances in Harsh Kirkat and around the Sher Mughar areas and militants are using this opportunity to hit Syrian Army.

It is obvious in the map.

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