What did Israeli warplanes target at T4 airbase?

Tuesday 4 June 2019 - 22:14

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Israeli satellite company “ImageSat Intl” has released an image of the Tiyas(T4) airbase after the Israeli missile attack.

The T4 airbase in Homs desert was attacked by the Israeli missiles on the evening of June 2, and according to official information a Syrian force was martyred due to attacks and several others were injured.

In the image published by ImageSat Intl, a small part of the airbase, which is not part of the main infrastructure, is targeted, and it seems likely a important portable equipment.
An interesting point is that almost two weeks before the attack, a Syrian IL-76 that returned from Tehran unloaded its cargo exactly near the impact location.

Syrian IL-76T unloading cargo on May 14 (about two weeks before the attack)

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