ISIS Prepares For War In Libya Amid Collapse In Syria And Iraq

Wednesday, 27 September 2017 - 17:57

The ISIS-linked media has released a propaganda video vowing announcing the resurgence of the terrorist group in Libya.

The ISIS “caliphate” officially collapsed in Libya in 2016 when forces loyal to the Government of National Accord captured its last stronghold – the coastal city of Sirte. Following this defeat, reamining ISIS units withdrew to a desert area south of Sirte.

Now, ISIS cells and memberts operate in the following areas:

  • south of Sirte city;
  • deserts near Benghazi and Ajdabiya;
  • central Libyan deserts;
  • Al-Jafra countryside.

The terrorist group has especially strong presence south of Sirte and, according to some sources, are preparing for an attempt to seize it again. ISIS has boosted its media activity in the country.

The ISIS leadership could consider shifting its main focus on Libya because of the terrorist group’s collapse in Syria

Translation provided by SouthFront

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