Map: Syrian Army Recapture Tal Hamamiat, Hama

Friday, 12 July 2019 - 15:54

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian Army recaptured the important hill of Tal Hamamiat in the northwest of Hama province after 24hours of heavy clashes from militants.

As anticipated, given the high importance of the Tal Hamamiat, the Syrian Army began its counter-attacks to recapture the area from the moment it was seized by the militants.

Over the past 24 hours, Tal Hamamiat and the Hamamiat village were under the most severe air strikes and artillery attacks by the Syrian َrmy and Russian planes, and like Kafr Nabuda, the opportunity for stabilizing the Hamamiat was completely taken from the militants.

According to information that we received, a limited number of Hezbollah troops have also participated in the Syrian Army’s latest assault on the village of Hamamiat.
Regarding the casualties in the last 48 hours, militants media confirmed the death of 56 members of armed groups but the Syrian Army sources claimed the casualties near about 70. Also the militant sources claimed that during the Hamamiat clashes, 90 members of SAA were killed which seems exaggerated.
Tal Hamamiat is an important area in the northwest of Hama which overlook on the vast areas such as Jubain, Sheikh Hadid and Kernaz, and the domination of the militants on it, was a permanent threat to these areas and the armed groups could reach Al Suqailabiah in the next steps.
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