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Latest Updates on Palestine 12 July 2019
Middle East, News, Palestine 13 July 2019

1. Due to a Resistance operation in occupied Quds, a Palestinian youth drove over a group of Israeli soldiers.
In this attack, 5 soldiers injured and the driver left the scene. Hamas congratulated the attack.
2. Due to Resistance’s rocket attack in recent Israel attacks to Gaza, a Zionist died of wounds.
3. Israeli Army proclaims to shoot down a drone over Zikim town in north of Gaza.
4. According to Israeli Regime’s census center, in 2018, 28 thousand Jewish immigrants entered Israel, among whom the largest group came from Russia (10,460) and other European countries.
5. Martyrdom of a troop “Mahmoud Adham” of Qassam’s battalions in north of Gaza by Israeli soldiers.
After Hamas’ threat regarding answering the attack, Israeli Army said in a statement that it was a mistake and investigates the issue.
6. Injury of 24 Palestinian protestors in 66th Return Protests in Gaza by Israeli soldiers.


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