ISIS Attacked Iraqi Forces Restoring Government Control Over Areas In Kirkuk Countryside

Monday, 16 October 2017 - 15:14

Hours after the Iraqi army established control over Kirkuk city, ISIS members attacked Dibis area north of the village of Bai Hassan controlled by government forces.

Dibis and Bai Hassan are the important villages located on the contact line between the Kurdish-held areas controlled by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and Barzani’s Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP).

The PUK allegedly cooperated with the Iraqi government during government forces operation in Kirkuk area allowing army troops to enter the city.

The Zab River is the common border between the KDP-held and PUK-held regions. Especially Bai Hassan which is located on the Kirkuk-Erbil road and near the Kirkuk oil pipeline.

On October 17, Iraqi troops repelled the ISIS attack and restored control over Dibis.

Now, government forces area further developing momentum in the area in the direction of the administrative border of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.
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