Latest Updates on Afghanistan 8 September 2019

Latest news of fronts Farah, Qunduz and Badakhshan and Taliban-US negotiation called off by Trump

1. Farah:
– Engagement between Taliban and security forces in regions Pole Bagh, Rigi, Chahar Bagh and Qalaa Zaman Khan in suburb of Farah town is severe. Taliban casualties 60 reportedly.
– Districts of Shib Kuh and Qalaa Gah besieged by Taliban.
– Anar Darrah town occupied by Taliban.
2. Qunduz:
– According to Afghanistan Ministry of State’s spokesperson, in an operation by security forces Khan Abad is reclaimed from Taliban. Taliban’s casualty reported of 20 killed and 17 injured.
3. Badakhshan:
– Wurduj town after 5 years of occupation by Taliban reclaimed by security forces. 100 Taliban members killed and injured.
4. Latest news of Taliban-US talk:
– Trump ordered the talk to halt after an American in Afghanistan was killed. In a tweet Trump said that he will meet soon with Ashraf Ghani and Taliban leaders but the meeting is cancelled due to Taliban impotence in stopping the attacks.


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