Ansar Allah’s statement in reaction to condemning the attack to Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure

Wednesday 18 September 2019 - 07:35

ISWNews Analysis Group: Mohammed Abdul Salam, spokesperson and chief negotiator of Ansar Allah, issued a statement regarding the international condemning Ansar Allah’s recent attack to Aramco facilities of Saudi Arabia.

– How do countries of the world let themselves to issue statement in support of the assaulter but be silent regarding crimes against Yemeni people?

– Condemners of our operation on 14 September with their statement in support of the assaulter are actually condemning themselves and their statement is encouraging the assaulter to continue its crimes against our people.

– Oil is not worthier than blood of our people and anyone who disrespect the blood of our nation, should accept the consequences.

– Those who want stability in oil market should ask the coalition of enemies to stop the war and siege of people of Yemen.

– Continuation of sieging Sanaa airport and seizure of 13 of our ships conveying oil products in Red Sea.

– Yemeni people with their full power and using lawful ways will confront enemies attacks and siege.

– In case of continuation of the war and siege, our defense operation in future will be harsher and more severe.

– Coalition of enemies should know that their arrogance is bringing them to destruction. Saudis should understand that they cannot count on USA help, in that case they lose.

– Yemeni people are peaceful and interested in security of the Arabic peninsula and it can’t be achieved by domination of one side on the other one.

– Peace will be achieved by talk and agreement. Our message to all Arabs and Muslims is that to destine this nation, consider God. We are not militants but we defend our people and will not tolerate injustice.

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