Breaking | Airstrike on Hashed al-Shaabi Base in Western Anbar Province

Sunday 22 September 2019 - 12:14

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to Iraqi local sources,the vicinity of Al Marsanat military camp in western Anbar was targeted by unidentified aircraft.

The attack came one day after Hashed al-Shaabi(PMU) security operation in the area called “Iradat Al Nasr Al Khamisa”(Will of Victory the Fifth) ended.
Al Marsanat military camp was used as the main base for mobile operations.
It is said the strike did not cause any casualties.

Hashed Sha’abi rejected the news of any airstrike to west of Anbar. Hashed announced that last night a blast was heard in Marsanat area in west of Anabr that our security team is dispatched to the area and found out it wasn’t an airstrike.
Any airstrike or blast in Tharthar area was rejected as well.

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