Details of Iran’s Four-Point Peace Plan for Yemen

Monday 14 October 2019 - 07:58

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ayatullah Khamenei in meeting with Imran Khan, criticizing states assaulting and blood shedding in Yemen, talked about Iran’s Four-Point Peace Plan.

The articles are as follows:
1. Holding ceasefire and halting any foreign assault on Yemen.
2. Sending humanity aids for Yemeni people at once and non stop.
3. Resuming national Yemeni talks and under people’s guidance with presence of all political parties and social groups of Yemen.
4. Establishing an inclusive national government.

Imran Khan after Tehran will go to Riyadh. Considering the clear message by Ayatullah Khamenei, until complete ceasefire there will not be any peace. Yemenis should decide for their future not a foreign assaulting country.

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