Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 17 October 2019

Thursday, 17 October 2019 - 19:39

Latest news of Taliban attacks in Gizab and Herat and security forces operation in Takhar, Baghlan and Faryab.

1. Baghlan:
Security forces operation against Taliban has started in areas Dand Shahabuddin, Dand Ghuri and Kile Gi.

2. Herat:
In Taliban’s attack to civilian vehicle 2 were killed and 3 injured.

3. Faryab:
Security forces operation in towns Andkhuy and Qarmaqul against Taliban has started. In this operation 8 Taliban members have been killed and 13 injured so far. 10 villages between the towns were cleared from Taliban.

4. Takhar:
– A group of 10 Taliban members were arrested by security forces in Taliqan town. The explosive manager of Taliban is among them.
– Taliban has grounded security forces in suburb of Darqad town still.

5. Uruzgan:
In Taliban operation in areas Dara Sanjid, Sang Sheikh and Nik abad of Gizab town, 4 security forces are martyred and 13 injured. Security forces have killed 44 Taliban members and injured 32 others.

6. Ghazni:
– According to local officials of Qiaq, Dara Qiaq road in Jaghtu town is clear but people do not use it due to Taliban’s threats.
Towns Nawa and Khugiyani are occupied by Taliban still.

7. According to UNAMA report, in the last 9 months more than 2563 civilians were killed and 5676 injured in Afghanistan.

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