The Final Report of Iraq’s Investigation About Recent Protests, No Word of Snipers!

Wednesday 23 October 2019 - 22:33

ISWNews Analysis Group: Due to PM’s order to investigate and report of the recent incidents in Iraq, investigation is over and the final report submitted to the government. Although it was said this is a secret report, media released the details.

The report noted: :
– 107 civilians were killed and 3,458 injured.
– No official order was given by high officials to shoot at protesters.
– The high casualty of the civilians is excessive use of forces and weapon and lack of leadership of field commanders.
– Disability of some of security agencies caused the right orders not to reach commanders.
– Some of vehicles of Ministry of Defense and Department of State were destroyed with napalm bombs.
– Some of the governmental buildings were set on fire by those who wanted to deviate the peaceful protests toward violence.
– Officials who provoked to use force against protesters are introduced to justice system.
– 10 high officials of security and operational were dismissed.
– After Commander in Chief confirm the file will be sent to justice system.

Nasr coalition criticized the report that it does not mention who used sniper to hit the protestors and also the official(s) who ordered the violence against protesters was not introduced.

That is while the committee of demonstrating is trying to organize more protests and asked people for 25 October and called it October revolution.

This committee also condemned Sadr’s invitation for his fans to participate in 25 October protests and asked him to choose another day and said, Sadr is part of the government himself and doesn’t need to be in the street since he can use his parliament’s legal levers to press the government and answer protesters demands.

From Thursday, one day before new wave of the protests, all departments of the government are on emergency situation.

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