Latest Updates on Iraq, 31 November 2019

Friday, 1 November 2019 - 20:18

Supporters of Marja picked 14:00 of the Friday for gathering and marching.

– President Barham Salih said in a speech that PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi has agreed to resign if all parties agree on a new person for PM position.
He added that I will agree with early election too.

– Hashad Sha’abi emphasized that our forces are protecting the country and its unity against terrorists.

– Documents released showing Sadr’s nephew, Ahmad Mustafa, started working in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and his cousin, Jafar Sadr, as Iraqi ambassador in UK.

– Halbusi speaker of Iraqi parliament: The official invitation for Abdul Mahdi presence in the parliament has been sent.
Abdul Mahdi demanded live coverage by Iraqi TV of the session as the condition of coming to parliament and Halbusi announced anytime PM of his representative comes to the parliament, the session is aired live on TV.

– Office of Ayatullah Sistani regarding the recent protests:
High Marja emphasizing that the peaceful protest is right for all Iraqis does not allow his name or picture to be abused by political groups or anyone else.

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