What Will Happen If They Count Again?!

Tuesday, 12 November 2019 - 08:12

A member of Afghanistan parliament talks about the corruption in Afghanistan’s elections

Habib al-Rahman Pedram a member of Afghanistan parliament in a note stated about the Afghanistan’s election:
“I was candidate in two elections: city council and parliament. In the last two presidential election I was active and have enough experience of election and how it works.”

1. Who is right? Ghani or the opposite side?
The heart of what protesters of recounting are saying is that first determine the cap of clean and biometric votes then count.
This is not unreasonable, there are 300k suspicious votes and recounting the votes without determining the number of clean votes is against law and trying to legitimize the suspicious votes.

2. What is wrong if they count again?
In the two elections I participated, I saw how much they cheated under the cap of recounting. I saw how they brought up number of votes of the loser from 700-800 to 6k and 7k. I saw how they legitimized the black and invalid votes and counted them.
I saw that in the centers of counting during the night how much money was exchanged and recounting was only an excuse to cheat and do dirty stuff.

3. Who did the most cheating?
Since one million votes were invalidated and most of them were for “Dawlat Saz” campaign, Mr. Ghani’s dirty will to regain the power is obvious.
And now that they insist on recounting it means they have a trick up their sleeve.

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