Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 1 December 2019

Monday, 2 December 2019 - 19:34

Latest news from Afghanistan fronts and presidential election

1. Sare Pol:
– Due to explosion of a bombed vehicle by Taliban, 13 civilians wounded and 10 houses are damaged.
– People of Jarghan village of Kohestanat town in their protests overturned car of Taliban Waly (ruler) and Taliban martyred four and wounded four of people in return.

2. Daykundi:
Taliban’s attack to Karizak and Surme Sang stations repelled by security forces in Nawa Mish town. In these engagements two security forces martyred and eight Taliban members killed.

3. Takhar:
– According to the Ministry of Defense, Taliban’s attack to Qara Tappa area, Darqad town was repelled by security forces.
– Taliban’s ambush in Qunduz-Takhar road to caravan of security forces resulted in martyrdom of nine security forces and injury of six others.

4. Nangarhar:
Operation against ISIS in Achin town finished after 45 days. In this operation up to thousand ISIS members and their families surrendered and tens of ISIS members were killed and their bases destroyed.

5. Khost:
– Due to American fighters airstrike to a house in Tirzi town, six members of a family were killed.

6. Latest updates on presidential election:
– Nurestani: Recounting finished in 25 provinces and one province is continuing; six provinces have not started recounting yet.
– Abdullah Abdullah: If the commission does not come back to lawful path the result of the election is invalid. No one can stop people.
– Abdullah Abdullah meeting with US Chief of Staff in Kabul.
– Abdullah Abdullah supporters marching and protesting Baghlan and Kabul.
– Hamid Karzai: The result of the election is controlled by foreigners; Ghani helped US and does not have any problem with their presence.

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