Ayatullah Sistani’s Statement Regarding Recent Evolutions of Iraq

Friday, 6 December 2019 - 18:26

ISWNews Analysis Group: Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalaei, representative of Ayatullah Sistani, emphasized on selection of the new Prime Minister and keeping the protests peaceful.

Summary of the statement:
– The selection process of Prime Minister and the cabinet should be done withing the time limit specified in the constitution and away from any foreign interferences. Marja also does not have any role in this process.

– The condition for the folk movement is to follow the goals for true reforms and being away from violence and chaos. To prevent chaos and interference in public order, there is need for security forces.
Protesters should not allow infiltration by outsiders or attacking security forces. If folk movement expands, it can be a good lever to press those who have power to do the real perform.

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