Midnight the deadline for introducing the new PM ends

Sunday, 22 December 2019 - 22:11

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to the latest updates Qosai Soheil is the most probable candidate for Prime Ministry.

According to the constitution of Iraq, the PM should be introduced by the President before midnight to form the cabinet. However, Shia parties have not agreed on one candidate yet.
There are news that Shia parties are talking to agree on one candidate.

Although many names have been counted for the position in social media, Qosai Soheil is the most probable candidate so far.

Qosai Soheil was Minister of Postgraduate Education and Research in Adil Abdul-Mahdi administration and a former MP. He has opposing and compliant sides and after he was proposed by al-Bana coalition, Muqtada Sadr opposed him seriously in a tweet but it was removed strangely after a few hours.

Iraq’s court answered in response to the President’s letter regarding a larger fraction in Parliament that a larger fraction is result of coalition of parties at the first day of the parliament, which was not clear that time.

Therefore Barham Salih directed the answer of high court to the parliament and demanded a fraction of majority.
On the other hand, students of some schools and universities of southern cities of Iraq did not participate in classes today and protested, while Marja already asked them to resume studying.
We should wait and see if the knot of new PM will be open until midnight or no?

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