Appearing Light Lines Over Duhok + Images

Sunday 5 January 2020 - 09:45

ISWNews Analysis Group: Last night several vertical light lines were appeared in the sky over Duhok. What are they?

In despite of many claims and stories regarding UFO or aliens, most probably these are related to the project Directed-energy weapon (DEW).
DEW is a famous and old military project pursued by USA, Russia, China and UK which has become near operational.

The project aims to use the directed energy to develop laser weapons and air defense laser system to intercept all sorts of ballistic and cruise missiles.

Thus, what has been observed in Duhok is most probably this project regarding the air defense system. It is noteworthy that these systems are not fully operational and at nearest they are operational by middle or end of 2020s.

What makes this phenomenon more interesting is its coincidence with recent incidents of the region, specially assassination of Iranian General Soleimani by USA. Iran’s missile power is what USA is worried about more than any other time and an important US base is actually near Duhok. It serves as US bridgehead between north of Iraq and north of Syria. It seems US terrorists Army are testing their laser air defense systems…

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