16 October 2018
Syrian War Report – October 15, 2018: Syrian Army Kicks Off Another Attempt To Eliminate ISIS In Al-Safa

Syrian Army Kicks Off Another Attempt To Eliminate ISIS In Al-Safa

16 October 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 16 October 2018; al Hudaydah and Sa’dah Situation

Latest Updates on frontlines in al Hudaydah and firing Bin Daghr by Mansoor Hadi

15 October 2018
Syria and Jordan Reopen Border Crossing

According to the agreement between the Syrian and the Jordanian government, after several years the Nassib border crossing in southern Syria has reopened for the transit of the necessary goods and products.

14 October 2018
Hayat Tahrir al Sham Accept the Sochi Deal and DMZ in Idlib

Eventually, Tahrir al Sham, by releasing a statement, implicitly accepted the “Demilitarized Zone” agreement in the province of Idlib, and stated that he would not do anything to sabotage it.

14 October 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 13 October 2018; Frontlines Situation

Latest updates from Taiz, al Hudaydah and Nihm frontlines and AnsarAllah’s attacks

14 October 2018
Video | Bombardment of the Small Village of al-Durayhimi in Yemen by the Saudi Coalition

Ad-Durayhimi is a small village in south of Hudaydah, where the Saudi Coalition has repeatedly announced its siege or capture; however, the resistance people of Durayhimi continue to resist against the full scale ground and air attacks of Saudi Coalition.

14 October 2018
“Operation Baghdad” Cancellation Bill

During recent days, Faleh KhazAli a member of Iraq Parliament stated that conducted a bill to cancel “Operation Baghdad” force.

14 October 2018
Syria-Iraq War Report – October 12, 2018: ‘S-300 Elimination’ Delayed – Israel Grounds F-35 Fleet

‘S-300 Elimination’ Delayed – Israel Grounds F-35 Fleet

13 October 2018
Video | Ansarallah’s newly released video, about the Emirati’s warship which destroyed last year
13 October 2018
Video | Ansarallah heavy clashes with the Saudi Coalition forces in al-Qanbur Jizan (south of Saudi)
13 October 2018
Ansarallah Naval Mine

Ansarallah reveals the manufacture of naval mines named “Mersad”.

12 October 2018
CSTO: More than 2500 ISIS Terrorists Moved from Syria to Afghanistan.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in a statement recently said that more than 2500 ISIS terrorists were transported to Afghanistan from Syria.