09 March 2019
Turkish Military Convoy Enters Syria

On Friday morning, 6 Turkish military vehicles from the Kafar Lusin border entered the province of Idlib in northwest Syria.

08 March 2019
Syrian War Report – March 2-4, 2019: Multiple Soldiers Killed In Major Escalation In Northern Hama

Multiple Soldiers Killed In Major Escalation In Northern Hama

07 March 2019
Latest Updates on Yemen, 7 March 2019; Ansar Allah Repelling Hajur Intrigue
07 March 2019
US Added the Iraqi Resistance Movement to SDN Sanction List

The US Department of Treasury, following the Executive Order no. 13224, added the name of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance and its secretary general to SDN sanction list.

05 March 2019
Latest Updates on Yemen, 4 March 2019, Ansar Allah’s Missile Attacks in Northern Frontlines

Latest news from Saadah and Hajjah frontlines.

05 March 2019
Kashmir, Near but Very Far!

In contemporary history, the borders between countries decided by colonizers were always based on increasing tensions between countries. We know this policy by “divide and rule”…

04 March 2019
Jammu and Kashmir Conflict Map
02 March 2019
Libya National Army Advance in Southwest of Libya + Map

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Following Libya National Army operation under commanding of General Haftar in southwest of Libya captured towns Traghen, Zaytuna, Fanqul, Uwaynat and important border city of Ghat.

01 March 2019
Investigating Aspects of Possible Operation by Saudi Coalition in North of Hajjah

Saudi Coalition operation in this axis after AnsarAllah’s resistance in north and west of Haradh in recent months and after that AnsarAllah’s reclaiming operation in south and east of mount Al Nar halted. Now with Hajur area’s tribes rebelling in the last month in Kashar and Qarah districts, Saudi Coalition and Mansoor Hadi are sending troops and equipment to operate in this axis.

01 March 2019
Latest Updates on Pakistan and Afghanistan, 29 February 2019; War in Kashmir

India and Pakistan engagements in Kashmir and USA-Taliban negotiations

01 March 2019
Latest Updates on Yemen, 28 February 2019; Intrigue This Time in Hajjah

Latest news from Hajjah, Hudaydah, Jawf and Saadah frontlines

28 February 2019
Hamas Arrested Leader of Palestine’s Sabereen Movement

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Security forces related to Hamas arrested Hesham Saleh leader if Sabereen Movement with four other members in Gaza strip.